CRO in the time of Covid-19


Digital is likely to be the clear winner here, and companies — including ones that may not so much as had a Facebook page before — will need to move into social marketing, content marketing, SEO and influencer-led campaigns. — Bernard Marr

Now is not the time to shy away from digital; It’s time to review your content strategies, to think about organic SEO and fix technical site issues such as site speed and errors. And of course, continue with your experimentation and optimisation strategy.

A/B testing

The majority of the world has been asked to work from home. I’ve seen an increase in e-commerce web traffic because users feel more comfortable to browse without a boss looking over their shoulder, however conversions are down for almost all retail because of concerns about job security and the economy — let’s be honest, no-one is thinking about clothes right now.


If your business is struggling or you’re new to optimisation, UX might be a faster and more affordable method to understand your users needs at this time. UX involves concepts such as user testing (asking users to complete tasks on your website and recording their process), asking users to complete surveys on your website to gather feedback on specific pages, as well as user mapping, user recordings and heat maps*.


The last thing on your mind might be about improving your website when the world seems to be burning, but now is the perfect time.

Side note on jobs & being self-employed

Its upsetting to see people being laid off and roles in digital becoming unavailable because the internet is so fundamental to our way of life, especially now. Obviously some industries are struggling more than others (my heart goes out to the travel sector), but many governments are now thankfully offering support to keep people in full-time employment, employed.



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Elise Maile

Elise Maile


UX, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Personalisation specialist.