The best department for CRO

If you’ve read my article on why you should be bringing your Conversion Rate Optimisation in-house (as opposed to hiring an agency) then you maybe wondering where to position CRO within your business. Let me suggest 4 departments your company probably already has and why CRO fits well within each of them (or none of them.)


Conversion Rate Optimisation uses data to determine what to test and how to measure whether an experiment was a success or failure. By positioning your CRO within an analytics team you’re creating a central point for all the data in your business.


As experimentation processes within a business matures, many product managers want to test the viability of new products. Is there interest from the user? Does the new product function as expected? How can we get more users using the new product? Many A/B testing solutions now offer server-side testing solutions so it is possible for products to be switched on and off from the back-end. This allows product managers to actually measure the impact of one feature vs another or to cautiously launch new products.



There now exists evidence that more complex test variations win twice as often* as simpler tests. So it’s worth considering placing your optimisation specialist or team within your engineering department.

Stand Alone

Alternatively, your Conversion Rate Optimisation specialist can simply sit under a broader ‘Digital’ title and own their own department. CRO has to work with many other teams as we’ve seen. Creating a central point for optimisation could be the most transparent and approachable way of running tests.


Whether you’re hiring your first conversion role, restructuring teams or managing a digital transformation, there is no perfect department for CRO. They will need to dip their toes into different areas of the business no matter who they sit next to in the office, so ensure communication channels are open. It’s up to you to determine the best fit for your teams and individual employees.

UX, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Personalisation specialist.

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